Movies reviews, bitches!!!!

Ok, so for those of you who don't know, which is almost all of you, I'm out of a job. Due to a great string of shitty occurences, I was terminated by Palanker Chevrolet when they got bought by Arnold, rehired, then fired a month later. I also realize that this is my first post of the year, and you've all missed a lot. But thats not whats important. I have movie reviews.

Sin City
Fucking damn good movie. Reminded me of Pulp Fiction, except I liked Sin City. And from what I could tell it was pretty faithful to the comic, as opposed to the other movie. This would probably be a good time to point out that both movies today are comic book-based movies. Lets see if you can guess what second one is before I get there. I beg you, if you see this movie, wait past the first 10 minutes. For the first ten minutes, I thought this movie sucked. The acting and dialogue were just plain bad. It took me a few minutes to realize it was supposed to be that way, since the whole movie is an hommage of sorts to old black and white detective movies. But once Bruce Willis gets shot, the whole movie gets better, and that has nothing to do with the fact that you don't see him again for over an hour. And the whole movie is really dark and gory, like Kill Bill Vol. 1 gory. But what I really found intersting about this movie is that all three storylines they follow deal with a man seeking revenge for something done to a woman. I just figured the storylines would have completely different subjects to them. I was happily surprised to find that there was actually some common thread holding it together. And I really liked the way the cinematagraphy was done. The movie is MOSTLY black and white, with color thrown in for effect, kind of like the way Schindler's List was done, except done for a different reason. It really works well.

Constantine is the complete opposite of a faithful comic book movie. In the original comic, Hellblazer(and, for that matter, Sandman, where the character originated), John Constatine is British and lives in London. They made him and American in LA. And hes played by Keanu Reeves. But whats that you say? This is the perfect kind of movie for him, based on his track record? HA!! Sure, Speed and The Matrix made him a huge star, but hose movies have one thing that the rest of the movies hes been in don't have(and I'm including the Matrix sequels. BTW, the Bill and Ted movies don't count): fast paced plots and action. When Keanu can play an angry character in a fast paced movie, like the cop in Speed, or the confused, pissed off at the agents for taking Morpheus Neo in The Matrix, hes great. But the Matrix sequels are a perfect example of my point. The pace slowed in the second and third movie, and Keanu was involved in a lot less of the action, as the real action scenes centered on Trinity, Morpheus, and Zion. Think about it, what are HIS best scenes in those 2 movies? The 2 fights with the Smiths, his rescue of Trinity, and the trip to Machine City. Fast paced scenes. Any other scene you can think of from those to movies that would be considered a great scene DOES NOT FOCUS ON HIM, even though he may be in them. I'll admit, the Architect was great, but the scene with the two of them features a GREAT majority of the work coming from the Architect. Many time through the course of Canstantine I sat wondering why they didn't get someone else to play the part. His pacing of his delivery in a few scenes is so horrible I could have sat there finishing it before he got it out. However, if you can get over Keanu Reeves and the unfaithfulness to the comic, its not that bad a movie. Basically, do this: pretend you know nothing about the comic, and pretend someone else is starring in it. Just pick your favorite actor. Hell, pick Paul Hogan from the Crocodile Dundee movies and just pretend his accent is British. Everything else about the movie is quite good. And from what I understand, due to Keanu's deal with Satan to make him a movie star, Lucifer plays himself, and the scenes in Hell were shot on-location. On a good note, All the other actors were excellent, and Gavin Rothsdale was AMAZING as Balthazar. Honestly, Gavin made it better for me because he actually has an accent. I could actually pretend the movie was set in London when he was around. But its at least worth seeing it once. It looks better on a big screen, but its probably just as good when it comes out on DVD or cable. But if you want to see a better movie that deals with the same topic(almost exactly) just rent The Prophecy. It has Christopher Walken in it.

Stupid propaganda

So I got an email from Christy this morning explaining why we are at war. It was the most horrendous piece of propaganda shit I have seen recently. So I did what any good person would do in a time like this: I posted it in bush_sucks for everyone to ridicule. However, I wanted to say some thing about it, also, but one of the replies, from a friend of shilldog put it better than I could without sitting here thinking about it for 2 days. So first I'm posting the email in its long entirity, then the reply.

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Still here

I was getting a bit nostalgic and decided to skim through the jimbo11722 and jimsfiance journals that popped up during the Angela bullshit and I just wanted to let everyone know that my journal hasn't been shut down after she reported us to LJ, and I still haven't been arrested as a result of it. Oh, and in case you all didn't know, me and Glorie got a letter from her about a month ago. She apoligized and claimed it was all a result of her not taking her medication. I'm pretty sure we quickly threw the letter out. If we didn't, I have no idea where it is now, nor do I care very much.

The Great Debate, part 1

Ok, so I got this idea in my head yesterday, and for some reason I actually decided to do it. There might be a part two and three, and possibly a part four with the VPs, but I don't know. It depends on how I feel. But anyway, I'd like to point out before you read this that I haven't seen any of the debates. I just read stuff and heard what tGlorie told me about them. This is purely reality based fiction. Thank you.

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The promised update

So heres the update I promised about yesterday. First, I sucked in s free tournament on City Poker yesterday morning, losing in about ten minutes(which was eclipsed by my losing on the first hand today). So me and Glorie saw The Forgotten in the afternoon. My god, this is an amazing movie. I don't usually jump during movies, but this one made me jump 3 times, even at stuff I expected to happen. It is seriously that freaky. I absolutely loved it. The plot twist are amazing, and for once the trailer didn't give away any of the ending. Everyone should see this movie.

So after the movie we went to Blockbuster to rent Ocean's Eleven and Walking Tall. At the register, we found out we had been using the account of some guy from Buffalo, because no one cleared the account before I got it when I renewed my membership. So I had to reapply for a card. That wasted about 20 minutes or so of my life that I'm never going to get back. On the way home, Erik called me and I dropped Glorie off at home so I could go hang out at Roosevelt Field.

So me, Erik, and Tom Boshans were sitting in the food court waiting for Jimmy to show up when Marty from Jillian's walked by. We found it odd, and comments were made that we'd probably see Brian walk by later, just because we thought it would be funny. Just before Jimmy got there, Ian from Jillian's also walked by. Then, we're sitting there eating(except for Tom who is poor and caouldn't afford food) and we see Brian. Yes, this was an odd series of occurences. But eventually John showed up, and we walked the mall looking for girls for erik to hit on, cause hes lonely and needs a woman. Unfortunately, not only is Erik lonely, hes also a wuss and wouldn't talk to any of the girls we told him to, even after Jimmy gave him perfectly good pick-up lines.(Yes, I still like the "How much does a polar bear weigh?" line) Eventually I went home and watched Ocean's Eleven. And that was my odd day.

I have an idea for something amusing I want to write, but I don't have the motivation to write it right now. Hopefully, I will sometime in the next few days, or at least by the end of the month. Its a three or four part series, probably four, and I really want to get it on here. One thing that would help, though: Does anyone remember the name of the guy that hosts MTV news? I'm talking about the old guy thats been there since MTV started. And I also need to know the name of the bald guy that looks and acts like a young, retarded Matt Pinfield. Any help would be appreciated.
Talk to ya later.

Getting freaked out

Ok, so I'm really tired, but I'm getting kind of freaked out. We saw The Forgotten today, and the movie warped my mind horribly. I want to go to sleep, but everytime I close my eyes I start seeing weird shit after a minute or so. Hopefully writting this here and having a couple of cigarettes will help me relax enough to sleep. Tomorrow I update on the movie itself, and the strange day I had.


In case I forgot to mention it, I left my job. Oh, and I figured I'd mention one of the greatest songs in history, Its Rainin' Men, just came on the radio.

Nothing to do

So thats the story of the last week or so. I've been playing a lot of poker online, and thats pretty much it. Been looking for a job, checking the paper, Monster, and Craigslist almost every day. Theres a listing on Monster today, but its all the way in Lynbrook, which is just as far as Floral Park was, and they only want local applicants anyway. I haven't checked todays paper yet, since I forgot it in the car, but I wasn't going to call anyplace today, anyway, since its Columbus Day and everything. I'm still waiting to get my $500 back, which I'm planning on spend $100 or so at Foxwoods. I still have to get back up there for my Act 2 for the World Poker Tour. I'd LIKE to go on a Thursday soon, but god forbid Glorie's mom should go out of her way for one of her children to give her a ride home or something, so thats keeping me stuck here. Otherwise I have to wait a couple of weeks until they start doing Act 3's every day.

Quick movie reviews: RE: Apocalypse was better than the fist one. I actually want to see the next one, now, as opposed to after the first one when I really couldn't care less. I was only curious about how the infection got out after the first one, and they answered that pretty quickly. Basically it was human stupidity. Shaun of the Dead is fucking amazing. It was about as funny as the Dawn of the Dead remake, at least to me it was. And Hero is fucking amazing. If you liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! I HATED Crouching Tiger, and this is so much better. The fight scenes and plot twists are pretty much perfect, even if a couple of them seem a little TOO artsy(like the fight between Nameless and Snow). Buts in an absolutely amazing movie. I can't think of anything else I've seen recently, other than to say that Scooby Doo 2 is pretty good. And for some reason the thought of Superman V Batman being a great idea for a move just popped into my head.

And speaking of Superman, Christopher Reeve died Sunday. While normally I wouldn't consider that worthy of my journal, he died of a bed sore infection. Of all the possible things I thought he might die from, he died from a bedsore infection. That wasn't even on my radar. Intestinal complications, sure. His wheelchair gets stuck in gear and he falls down the stairs, maybe. But a bed sore? Just beyond my comprehension.
Talk to ya later.

Been a while

Ok, so I haven't updated in almost 3 months. Not like anyone missed me or anything. Work pretty much sucks. I make crap for a living and can barely pay rent every month. So far I make about $50 a car, since almost everything we sell is for no profit. I've started playing poker entirely too much. However, I did make it past the first round of qualifying for the World Poker Tour at Foxwoods. I have to go back at some point to try to make it through the next 2 rounds. If I win those I get a free pass to the tour. Which also reminds me MIKEY IF YOUR READING THIS, WE NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER POKER NIGHT. Been seeing a lot of movies. Loved Bourne Supremecy. I thought it was better than the first one. Can't think of what else I really liked, other than Shrek 2 and Spider-Man 2 were really good but both overrated. I still hate John Anderson's movie reviews in Newsday. I haven't played Magic in I don't even know how long. Its pretty much been replaced by poker right now. Me and Glorie are still happily living together. I can't think of much else to write and Glorie is yelling at me to get off the computer, since I've been on it "all morning." I'm gonna try to update more and shit, but I can't guarantee anything. MIKEY, HAVE A FUCKING POKER NIGHT.

Couple things

My first day of actually being at work was today. It was cool, I learned a lot about how they do things there. I never actually spoke to a customer, I was just moving cars around the lot for most of the day. But its cool. The bad news is I had to cut my hair. Glorie likes it the way it is now, I don't know how I feel about it yet. I'm not used to shorter hair, and I don't know if I like how it looks. I have off Wednesdays, which means I can still play D&D Tuesday nights, but I don't get off work until 9 on Tuesdays. I'm also working tomorrow. Basically, my schedule looks like this:

Monday: 12-9
Tuesday: 9-9
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 9-6
Friday: 9-6
Saturday: 9-6
Sunday: 11-5, every other Sunday

If anyone needs a new car, or even a used one, in Nassau, call Hustedt Chevrolet, (516)352-7200 and ask for Joe.

We finally got around to seeing The Day After Tomorrow. It was all right. Parts of it could have been a lot better, and some of it stretched the limits of plausibility, like the wolves. How the fuck did the wolves survive the flood? Most of the special effects were great, with the exception of one or two scenes that looked way too fake. But it was cool, the ending was pretty good, and the rumors that the pres and VP were based on Cheney and Bush looked pretty plausible. True, I don't know, but definitely plausible. Definitely cool, but its probably better to wait for it on tape or HBO.
Talk to ya later.